The 2nd ISTAF World Cup 2015, Thailand

USA National Sepak Takraw Team/Team USA is recruiting a striker to compete in the 2nd ISTAF World Cup 2015 which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2015. This ISTAF World Cup 2015 will be broadcast via live stream to USA and around the globe.

Number of positions to recruit: 1
Striker 1 position

Minimum requirements:

  1.  US Citizen or Permanent resident (Green card holder)
  2.  Available to travel to Thailand in May 2015.

Skill requirements:

  1. High skills in Sepak Takraw
  2. Excellent in receiving served ball with head, instep, toes and knees.
  3. High strength and agility
  4.  Able to spike the ball from any positions in the court
  5.  Able to perform blocking
  6.  Mentally strong, able to perform well under pressure
  7.  Good teamwork and positive attitude

If you are interested in being part of Team USA to compete in the 2nd World Cup, please send a 5-minute YouTube video of you competing in a Sepak Takraw match and complete the application form below.

Deadline: February 9, 2015 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Zone. Candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted for the next step in the recruitment process.

Remark: The reason for keeping a short application period is because the team needs to have the new player in the training program and start training as soon as possible.